Covid-19 Won't Be The Last Epidemic




We can expect another epidemic in the near future. This is according to medical specialists that are confident that Covid-19 will not be the last world crisis. 

During a public lecture webinar hosted by Higher Health's CEO, Dr Ramneek Ahluwalia, medical specialists and guest speakers shared their thoughts on Covid-19 and its effect on South Africa's.

Clinical virologist, Dr Tim Tucker, has called for long term investment in public health. This is despite the sector's long cycle of return on investment.

According to Tucker, Covid-19 will continue to evolve, as all viruses do and new variants will become more infectious than previous ones. 

This is something that the country will need to be prepared for. 

“We need to learn to live with this virus. Even if we have a successful vaccine strategy, this virus is here to stay”.

Guest speaker during the public lecture, Dr Michelle Groom said government is responding to the threat of Covid-19 variants in the country. 

This response to the virus has happened through collaboration with other various sectors, and will continue to happen in the near future as more Covid-19 variants are discovered. 

“We are acting decisively and timeously to the threat of variants” said Groom. 

In early May, the Department of Health detected the first Covid-19 variant dominant in India. Four people in South Africa were identified as having contracted the variant.

The department reassured South Africans that those infected were placed in isolation, in line with Covid-19 regulations.  

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