Creating tech-savvy teachers

Technology can open doors for students and teachers if it is properly managed in the classroom.

In South Africa there are many ways schools can benefit from technology. It can provide greater access to high quality learning material. Individuals can receive online support from peers and field experts. Then there are technology applications that can offer interactive and fun ways for students to learn.

However it is important to note that technology itself does not have the power to improve learning in the classroom. It requires a tech-savvy teacher to direct e-learning activities in a way that enhances education.

For this reason President Jacob Zuma will launch Operation Phakisa in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education. The project aims to, amongst other things, address the need to train and prepare teachers to integrate ICT in their classrooms and align teaching practices with ICT resources.

Today young people are very often as knowledgeable or even more adept at IT related functions than their educators. Therefore teacher training is crucial to the success of e-learning in schools.

Research shows that if technology is not managed correctly in the classroom it can lead to time-wasting, overuse, game playing mindsets, privacy risks and many other harmful consequences.

Government aims to prevent these negative repercussions from manifesting in the classroom through the Operation Phakisa initiative.

The initiative will also address the need to develop, source and distribute high class Digital Content for all subjects starting with high priority subjects such as Maths and Science and digital resources to support the Incremental Introduction and African Languages.

The launch will take place Friday, 2 October in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni.


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