Crisis in businesses a given


Businesses will experience crises - it is a given in trade and commerce. However whilst many decision makers tend to focus on emerging unscathed from a crisis, they should really be thinking about what needs to happen in order to continue business operations.

This is a foundation principle behind 42 Consulting Business Continuity Management (BCM) Services.

42 Consulting, named after Douglas Adams? classic The Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy, was established in 2009 by Gauteng resident Dean Horner, a Chartered Accountant by trade.

Dean secured a position with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) after completing his articles in 1997. At the time Dean was adamant he would do everything in his power to gain as much experience as possible and supplement his skills sets.

As a result he dabbled in a number of key areas including automated software
testing, group reporting systems/ data warehousing, data analysis, systems analysis and package selection and finally ended up in BCM. He took a bold approach to opportunity and quickly climbed the corporate ladder to attain a position as senior manager.

However, it was just as he was beginning to smash glass ceilings, when he decided to take advantage of the gap in the market and start his own company.

"There was space for a capable, service provider within the business continuity management area - particularly one that was more focused on building a working continuity capability for clients, rather than simply drafting paper-based plans that no one ever looks at. This is where many companies come unstuck - they develop these huge, impressive files with detailed plans on emergency management and business continuity, but little or no attention is paid to how these plans should be put into action,' says Dean. "As a result business continuity management remains a highly-convoluted aspect of business that few understand but which impacts everybody.'

It is this focus and determination to deliver a working business continuity capability that differentiates the company from competitors.

Dean has an extensive amount of experience in this field, including over ten years business continuity management experience, global BCM service provision experience as well as the facilitation of over 220 desktop, simulation and rehearsal tests. 42?s methodology is consistent with BS 25999 (British standards) and guidelines provided by the Business Continuity Institute.

42 also works closely with a client?s BCM practitioners to ensure knowledge transfer throughout the engagement.

"We take ownership of the process from the word go. There are a number of stages involved from the time of engagement through to testing. For example, we conduct business impact and risk assessments, IT disaster recovery gap analysis and establish a continuity or recovery strategy. We then take this further to organise and facilitate simulation exercises and further training and awareness to ensure that everyone understands and can achieve the desired objective,' Dean continues.

This can be delivered via managed services where we will take care of your capability or expert consulting services, on a project to project basis.
Dean has added a third tier to the company?s portfolio, namely recruitment.

"Many companies have learnt a very harsh lesson of hiring staff that lack experience and do not have the resources or expertise to deliver a BCM capability; Other companies spend years training and up skilling staff, only to see them leave for a better offers. The problem comes with the recruitment process. BCM practitioners are in short supply and many recruitment agencies don?t understand the skills required for someone to call themselves a BCM practitioner,' he adds.

42 provides a recruitment service that facilitates engagement and interaction between companies that require specific services and prospective staff or sub-contractors.