CTU gives Matrics more study options

A private training institution is not the typical choice for school leavers but it does have its benefits. 

According to private tertiary education provider CTU Training Solutions, “there are a plethora of private institutions that enable learners to qualify in their field of choice."

The advantage of private providers are smaller classes, individualised attention and a greater understanding of the chosen subject matter. 

"It’s also important to consider whether the learning institute that you choose offers a combination of theory and practical training on the subject matter.”  

CTU Training Solutions specialises in IT, Business & Design programmes that prepare students for the future of work.

IT Skills

According to CTU one of their core focus areas lies in the development of technological skills in South Africa.

CTU provides cutting edge IT training solutions in both full-time and short course format. Students can also earn both national and international certification through CTU courses.

“We want to see people adopt technology and actually use it. In that way, we are adding value and that’s what CTU is about”, CEO Ronald Meeske.

Business Skills

Do you want to become a business professional? Business skills open many doors for young people in the marketplace.

By joining a CTU business course you can obtain the foundational “business skills required to support and lead today’s organizations”

Learn about project management, entrepreneurship, financial accounting or other business related fields through CTU.

Design Skills

Do you have an eye for design? Creativity and design are some of the most sought after skills in the 21st century. Graphic designers are needed to create content that is appealing and inspiring. And their skills are required in every field or industry.
CTU Training Solutions develops graphic designers who can work with images, text and media.

Find out more about the academic programmes offered by CTU Training Solutions at the upcoming Open Day on 13 October 2018.

Grade 11 and 12 learners are invited to explore some exciting study options. Register here today

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing