From customer care to events management

Ever had that desire or drive to do something self-enriching or even to step out of your comfort zone and learn a different vocation? You’d be surprised by the liberty that comes with the discovery of something new.

Cookie Palanivelu is an enthusiastic customer care consultant who is living life to the fullest. Though Cookie has a full-time job, she decided to enrol with Damelin Online to study Events Management and she is not only excelling but loves every moment of it.

The mother of three said studying with Damelin Online has been an absolute pleasure for her “Online learning works for me as it is convenient as I can study at my own pace. It does not involve attending lectures and allows me the opportunity to work independently. I really enjoyed the experience,”

Cookie gets to work at 7am every morning and maximises the hour she gets before work commences to catch up with her studies. Optimising her “ME” time as an opportunity to study and invest in herself.

“I just gave it my best shot and sacrificed some of my leisure time for research and doing assignments and guess what, I received an amazing mark of 91%,” said Cookie.

Having been through so many adversities, Cookie said that she does not feel any stress or pressure. As a woman who is well accustomed to juggling many things at once, she firmly believes that stressing has a zero return.

Through Damelin Online Cookie has not only been empowered but has increased her knowledge in the fundamentals, intricacies and complexities involved in Events Management. She has gained familiarity with the different stages and risks involved.

“It has given me super confidence in putting events together on any level. I am more knowledgeable of the A to Z in organising and executing any type of event. It has taught me how to manage a complex workload. I find it personally rewarding and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Doing the course has also increased my creativity skills and planning,” said Cookie.

Damelin Online is tailored for working individuals who do not have the time to go back to school but have a passion for personal growth.
Cookie has already enrolled for her second course and aims to add to her resume of qualifications.
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By Nana Zuke