Customised supervisor training

At Supatrain, we pride ourselves on a very basic training principle- one size does not fit all. At Gold Reef City we have for the umpteenth time, developed a Supervisor Development Programme that is customised to meet the needs of supervisors in the casino industry. We believe that for learning to even start occurring, we need to talk the same language. We need to relate to our learners, link to their frame of reference and use their examples.

How does a project like this unfold?

1. Project Scoping - what we did right at the beginning of this project was to meet with their management team and identify their needs in comparison to our standard offering. We used their inputs to add to our content. We adapted the assessments in order that it could be applied in their organisation. We asked for focus areas- aspects with which the management team was battling. We then updated the content of the programme and sent it to the management team for sign off. Included in this scoping was agreement regarding delivery of the training. We have always ensured that we can deliver in one, two or three day sessions- whatever the need of the client. Oh - we have even trained on Saturday mornings to please a client and done Friday morning sessions for the managers of another company, over a period of six months.

2. We then provided the client with a list of documents we thought would be relevant to the content. This included documents like company strategy, performance contracts and disciplinary procedure and we made arrangements for how we would get access to these documents. If certain documents are lacking, we will adapt ours for use in your organisation and we will even forward them to you for your continued use.

3. Thereafter we did our own research. One of the things we did was study the industry. Example: We found more than one report published by the Casino Association of South Africa. We used reports like this to educate ourselves and to provide additional supporting facts, figures and examples in the learning material. We looked for and found articles in industry and company publications that informed us on aspects like company strategy. By the way- we also used this information to educate our facilitators.

4. We then completed the development of the material including the assessments and slide shows. We forwarded the material to our facilitators to study well in advance of any training and we met with those facilitators to discuss their questions.

5. We never start a Supervisor Development Programme without running a one-day orientation session. This we use to build capacity by giving learners learning-to-learn skills and encouraging creativity and problem solving skills. We also invite management to these sessions to ensure that expectations between supervisors and managers are discussed and agreed to. At Gold Reef City, we had the full complement of managers there, and the session was valuable for all.

6. Finally - we are ready for implementation! We deliver on our promise of quality, customised, learner-centred training. We are still surprised when learners praise us for our participative and engaging training methods; for us this is a given! We never leave a class without preparing our learners for assessment and answering their questions.  We report on each session to the Training Manager and based on facilitator feedback, we update our material if required. This does not occur often - our learning activities just seem to work!

7. Once we have evaluated the assignments of our learners, which we collect at the following session, we provide them with professionally typed constructive reports. If a learner did not achieve a certain aspect, specific recommendations are made to assist that learner close the gap. If all learners went wrong on a certain aspect, we immediately amend the assignment instructions. And we don’t believe on not issuing scores! Learners are graded using scores and this creates an opportunity for self-assessment and pride through achievement. It is not possible that all learners can simply be declared competent without any difference between them! This would also not be valuable for the organisation.

We believe we are doing this the right way and the feedback we get from our clients supports our belief.

We believe that supervisor development in South Africa is of immense importance to business and society.

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