DCC offers technical training

As Africa’s largest economy and one that has a workforce of millions, the unfortunate reality is the high rate of unemployment. In stark contrast is the ever increasing demand for skilled workers within the Technical field. South Africans are therefore faced with not only the burden of earning an income but also the necessity to empower themselves through tertiary education.

This is how Damelin Correspondence College has been key to the career success stories of thousands of successful students. Our accredited distance learning qualifications deliver the practical skills required by today’s industries while meeting the needs of employers and students.

DCC has over 60 years of recognition as a preferred institution of distance learning. A flexible learning system allows the student to continue to earn an income whilst studying outside of working hours. Students are able to learn at home, according to a convenient schedule, without having to incur the cost and inconvenience of travelling to classes at fixed times.

DCC’S Technical School is one of 6 specialised schools that offers comprehensive accredited qualifications in the technical field. Our programmes have been designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge necessary to enter your chosen occupation or advance your job status.

An added advantage is that many companies offer students pursuing technical studies programs paid internships. This not only allows you experience, but also orientates you into the industry. This subsequently gives you the opportunity to earn a professional reference and familiarise yourself with the mechanics of the business.

A technical qualification is an assurance of lucrative career credentials. Various industries require employees with technical qualifications. The competitive nature of this field results in employers driving up their salary offers. The average salary bracket for an individual with a Technical qualification in South Africa is around R300 000 per annum*

Our Technical programmes allow students to engage with content that has been split up into manageable units, logically sequenced, integrated into a sound learning process of introduction, reinforcement and review and interspersed with learner-centred exercises

DCC’s mission is to provide accredited, affordable, quality study options to students wishing to improve their future well-being through an investment in distance learning. Our Distance Learning systems are designed with our students in mind, allowing them to study anytime, anywhere, at their own pace. Our dedicated Academic Advising Centre compliments your studies by providing unrivalled and unlimited student support. This continuous support mechanism ensures that students are actively guided through their academic journey.

We are committed to maintaining a standard of excellence through providing high-end technical programmes that are recognised across industry, to providing learners with opportunities to advance their careers. As a DCC student you will be provided with the best possible tertiary experience and ultimately a valuable, career-defining qualification.

Enjoy the advantages of being a DCC student:

• Quality study material designed specifically for home study
• The freedom to study at your own pace, where and when it suits you
• Earn while you learn – study while still maintaining full-time employment
• Unlimited student support through the Academic Advising Centre
• The convenience of online contact and advice
• Easy monthly payment options
• 63-year legacy of academic excellence
• 15 campuses nationwide
• Accomplished alumni network

Join Damelin Correspondence College today and benefit from a unique learning experience that is guaranteed to enhance your future and make you employable for life