Dealing with mental issues in the workplace


“This all depends on the employee and the degree to which the illness affects their performance. In other words, it must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that can work in this regard.”

Companies must always be guided by the affect an illness has on the business. Employees who are appointed with an existing illness must be accommodated. “If the situation becomes operationally intolerable, termination can be considered. It is all about whether the person can perform their job function or not,” Myburgh adds.

Be compassionate

“Companies would do well to become more compassionate employers,” she continues. “They must remember that they are dealing with people. If person is about to have a breakdown, find out why and provide support wherever possible. If someone is crying at the office every day, something is wrong, so ask the question.

Although employees with mental health issues can potentially impact others in the workplace, this is where support comes in.

“Each individual must be treated and managed in accordance with their unique needs. A company should be guided by what works best in a specific situation. Also, the services of a reputable outsourced HR services provider can go a long way towards ensuring the business does everything it can to support employees suffering from mental illnesses effectively and respectfully,” Myburgh concludes.