Denosa Not Happy With New Lockdown Restrictions

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The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) is not satisfied with the updated level 4 lockdown restrictions. 

This comes after the President's address on Sunday evening, where he announced that the country will remain on lockdown alert level 4.

During his address, he also announced some changes, allowing for the reopening of restaurants and gyms. 

Denosa spokesperson, Sibongiseni Delihlazo said allowing restaurants and gyms to reopen will create more opportunities for the spread of Covid-19.

He also noted that the public has become more relaxed with following lockdown restrictions, as more people have allegedly not been wearing masks and attending social gatherings. 

"I think it's been proven that non pharmaceutical interventions have not worked in this country, and yet we've heard nothing from the President on what has to be done to actually curb the laxity that we are seeing in our communities. 

"Social and political gatherings are prohibited, yet these are taking place on a large scale in our country in public spaces, with no consequences. That is what is disappointing us, and I think it just invites more work for healthcare workers. 

Delihlazo wants government to play an even bigger role in making communities follow restrictions. He said at the moment, people who do not follow lockdown restrictions do not really face consequences.

This has been one of the biggest complaints that the organisation has towards the government and how it has handled Covid-19. 

In addition to this, the organisation is concerned about the wellbeing of healthcare workers who work in the frontline. 

"If you look at Gauteng, we don't even have field hospitals. We are still reliant on the facilities that we have and we are very much concerned about that."

While Denosa feels that improvements could be made with enforcing stricter consequences, the organisation is satisfied with the impact the vaccine rollout is having on the country. 

Delihlazo said thanks to the vaccine rollout, the country has seen a decrease in the number of reinfections. 

However, he said this does not mean that the government can afford to slack and increase the workload for healthcare workers. 

"The vaccine has worked, but just because it has worked does not mean that we must overwork these healthcare workers like slaves. They need to rest” he added. 



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