Department Ahead Of Schedule With Matric Marking

The marking of matric results has been going well for the Department of Basic Education. The Department held a live briefing to give updates about the process that was initially scheduled to end on 22 January 2021. 

Basic Education Director-General (DG) of Basic Education (DBE), Hubert Mathanzima Mweli, said marking will be finished ahead of schedule. 

"The assignment is almost completed, three to four days ahead of schedule, which gives us enough time to capture the marks of each learner." he said.

Mweli gave this update after visiting 181 marking centres around the country this month. He paid a visit to these centres to monitor the marking process and progress made by markers.

A total of 90% of marking centres have now closed and are currently in the process of standardisation. 

During the process of marking standardisation, the department meets with representatives from different panels to interrogate the exam marking guidelines along with the answers from learners.

In a media address held in December, Rufus Poliah, Basic Education Chief Director of National Assessment and Public Examinations said the meetings had been going as planned. 

Poliah said the purpose of the meetings is to make sure every question is '"looked at with a fine eye" in order to identify any questions that could be misinterpreted by learners. 

At the time of the address, 52 meetings out of 144 had taken place, and Poliah said the department would continue to have more in an effort to accommodate learners and their possible final marks.

Mark-capturing has started, now that most provinces have successfully completed the marking process.

The department has hired 611 capturers who will capture marks until 25 January. 

Umalusi, the Quality Assurance Regulator for matric exams will then receive a report from the Department on 12 February. 

Once Umalusi has approved  the results, Minister Angie Motshekga will announce the results on 22 February.

Provincial results will then be released on 23 February 2021. 



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