Develop, track and mentor your interns online

Because these activities are not part of an organisations’ core business processes, they could easily fall through the cracks, especially with larger internship programmes. In such cases, interns are not sufficiently exposed to the desired range of activities or levels of responsibility and it is not surprising that engineering candidates, for example, take between 10 and 15 years to complete their candidacy internship instead of three years. These challenges are not only delaying individual progress or company attainment of targets, but also national development and transformation at large.

CanPro, a local company which provides customised solutions to organisations wanting to digitally migrate their workplace learning processes, has developed a web-based application called WorkPro which serves as an online mentor. Liesel Kirsten, Managing Director of CanPro explains that “The WorkPro platform is an intuitive, easy to use online system available on computers or smart phones which provides structured activities and content to interns, their supervisors as well as their company coordinators. It also provides instruments to upload the team’s portfolio of evidence as well as enables real time monitoring and reporting of individual or programme progress.”

“Utilising the WorkPro platform helped me to plan and structure my workplace activities against my career outcomes, log and verify my daily tasks, to submit required reports effectively by providing templates, utilise an external mentor to assess my progress, to up skill online as well as maintain an updated CV,” explains Kedibone Chauchau, who completed her internship in 2017.

While the WorkPro system can’t teach interns how your equipment works or make them loathe lunch breaks, it will definitely eliminate the dreaded paper trail, reduce extra manpower required to manage internship programmes across a variety of occupations and range of economic sectors, cut costs, track progress of individuals and groups and provide live data to inform reporting.

“Since WorkPro removed the administrative burden of our internship programmes, we have been able to spend quality time with our interns.” says Sharon Marimuthoo, MD of The Office Wand. “Not only did we have more time available, but because the platform reduced our programme costs we could accommodate a larger number of graduates that desperately need workplace experience.”

To find out how the WorkPro platform can transform your internship programme, contact [email protected].