Develop your management team

Bridging the gap to a better life through the Mini Management Development Programme.

During March another milestone was reached by The Emalahleni Housing Company when they implemented their first Mini Management Development Programme presented by Ms Judy Molefi from The Mindspa Institute, a soft skills training organization.

Emalahleni Housing Company is a social housing organization that provides low cost rental accommodation for low to medium income households. The business is service driven and customer care is of utmost importance. There are two subsidiary companies, i.e. Limelight Property Investments (Pty) Ltd that caters for the open market (no income restrictions) in terms of provision of rental property and property for resale; and Likhaya Commuity Development Enterprise that is a support structure for Emalahleni Housing Company’s community development initiatives. The customer base is therefore diverse and it is important that all employees understand these diverse needs and are equipped to react accordingly. More importantly, it is crucial for managers to motivate and encourage employees and to create a working environment and organizational culture is conducive to ensure maximum productivity.

They are blessed with a very competent and outstanding team of senior managers who excel in their respective disciplines. It is evident in the achievements and successes of the company that the employees are driven by results and passion for their work. “We feel that with the right skills set of leadership, emotional intelligence, time and stress management and communication skills, our senior managers can be developed into well rounded individuals who will be equipped to perform at their peak and take Emalahleni Housing Company to even greater heights”, Rose Chetty, the Corporate Services Manager of Emalahleni Housing Company expresses.

Judy Molefi, trainer and facilitator from The Mindspa Institute, spent five days during March, presenting the Mini Management Development Programme. She is an experienced and driven Training Consultant in own practice, with 18 years banking experience - from branch network management to people development, workplace human relations, and counseling.

With further experience acquired in management consulting, performance and life coaching, and facilitation of strategy, emotional intelligence, change management, performance management, personal growth and self-mastery workshops, etc. across a wide range of industries beyond banking.

“My passion for people development has afforded me the opportunity to interact with and coach mostly young graduates in different organizations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. The motivation to continue in my chosen field is the benefit gained as a member of a global team; this is what drives my ability to impart the knowledge gained from these diverse teams to assist individuals in self-mastery, on-the-job performance and en-route to success in their careers. This translates into tangible return on investment in their organizations”, Ms Molefi says.

She is a founding member of the Southern African Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA) and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

During this five day course, she started off by introducing what leadership and management is. Her programme explained the various leadership styles and debated the age old question of whether leaders were born or if they are developed. She went on to explain the basic elements of ethical leadership which are integrity, respect and responsibility. The group could relate to the common mistakes leaders.

“It helps when we go through all the case studies to see practically what the importance of effective management is. My favorite case study was that of Brand Pretorius – a leader lets other people find meaning in their lives”, a participant expresses. Ms Molefi went on to explain what makes a great team and what are the main differences between traditional and high performance organizations. She equips the attendees with skills to measure morale in the workplace but also effective ways to motivate and reward employees.

An interesting subject was how to conduct a successful employee performance review, giving the participants tips on how to effectively manage winning teams. Through case studies she verifies that you can use teamwork to build a better workplace, after which she amplifies that winning teams are made up of winners.

The next few days proved to be a learning curve for all, when she explains that managing stresses and energy through delegating, one could live a more balanced life. Preventing pointless meetings can save a lot of time which helps managing executive stress. The Ardell Wellness Stress Test was made for great fun when attendees got a chance to experience their true stress levels.

Highlighting the entire course was the topic of Emotional Intelligence. Participants could relate and debated the characteristics and how it can be developed as Ms Molefi explains The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The rest of the course went on to cover most subjects needed to manage teams effectively, like communications, change management, negotiation and delegation skills.

“All the self-assessment exercises and case studies helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses. Now I can grow and develop myself better. I believe that when I practice all these skills I’ve learned during the last few days, I will become an even better leader and manager”, a participant explains.

This 12 day course in Management Development was customized and specifically developed into a 5 day Mini course, by The Mindspa Institute for the Emalahleni Housing Company as they are a forward thinking organization who saw the needs their employees and management team had in various aspects of Management.

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