Difference Between FET College & TVET Colleges

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Every year hundreds of thousands of students apply to universities in the hope of getting accepted in order to further their studies.

However, not every student who applies to universities will be accepted. This is where Further Education and Technical Vocational Education and Training colleges come in.

Now the first thing you need to know about FET and TVET colleges is that they are the same thing. There is no difference between the two. In the early 2010’s many FET colleges started changing their names to TVET colleges.

In 2014, the Minister of Higher Education and Training Blade Nzimande announced that all FET colleges will change their names to TVET colleges.

According to the department of higher education and training, TVET colleges look to close the gap between the skills needed by various industries and the students who want to pursue careers in those industries.

TVET colleges offer a number of diverse career orientated courses. These courses look to provide students with valuable practical skills that they can use to get a job or start their own businesses.

The name 'TVET' signifies that the institution is state owned. Therefore, students who are interested in wanting to attend a TVET college may also qualify for a National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) bursary. This eases the financial burden that comes with attending an institution of higher learning.

Click HERE to see if you qualify for the NSFAS bursary.

There are more than 50 registered TVET colleges in South Africa, with some colleges offering up to 300 different courses. You can find out which one is right for you by clicking HERE.



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