The different styles of leadership

Do you ever wonder what style of leadership you portray and whether you can improve yourself through knowing this?

“There are many different leadership models available out there,” says Rachel Johnson, owner of Palomino Training Solutions. “They all have a common goal of creating self-awareness and thus assisting us in developing our leadership skills.”

With their Situational Leadership model, Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard recognised four leadership styles that tend to resonate with us. The first style is the Director’s Style, which is very involved with directing tasks and being accountable for the results. Next is the Coach’s Style, which tends to blend both supporting people and directing tasks equally.

The third style, the Supporter’s Style, shows a low degree of directing tasks and a high emphasis on supporting people. Lastly, the Delegator’s Style is one with a low emphasis on directing tasks, and an equally low emphasis on providing people support.

“We generally all have a prominent style that we are comfortable with,” says Johnson. “However, it is important to be able to move between the different styles when required. Perhaps there are staff issues, or an internal crisis, or a conflict situation – all of these may demand a change in style.”

We often refer to this process as cyclical. For example, a team that you can easily delegate to might go through a significant change or have a new system being implemented. You might have to start again with directing behaviour before moving on to coaching, supporting, and then a return to delegating.

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