Digital learning revolution emerges at ICESA

One of the most visible and important trends in the world today is how education is moving into the digital age. More and more students are making use of online libraries and mobile apps to access the information they need; embracing less traditional tools in their studies.

One such college that incorporates new and emerging technologies well is ICESA. As one of South Africa’s private education brands, they provide all study material for their higher and further education courses on new learning devices. These mobile, lightweight tablets are preloaded with categorised coursework that makes studying easier, allowing students to fit studying in to the lifestyle; wherever and whenever they like.

“Our learning devices are given free of charge on registration, and have received praise for their functionality and easy to use nature,” said a representative for ICESA. “The college is always looking for new ways to make learning easier, and the learning devices are helping to make that possible.”

ICESA has two city campuses located in the heart of Durban and Pietermaritzburg that play an important role in making higher education more accessible, and affordable, to people of all backgrounds. Their dynamic learning programme has been structured on a deep understanding of job skills that are currently in demand, and provides customised courses in a variety of career fields that meet those requirements. They include Human Resources, Business Management, Accounting, Information Technology and more.

For any prospective student unsure of where to study, let your fingers do the walking and click on ICESA

Visit ICESA or call one of their branches for more information:

ICESA Durban City Campus
563 Anton Lembede
(Smith) Street
Tel. 031 307 7071
[email protected]

ICESA Pietermaritzburg City Campus
426 Langalibalele
(Longmarket) Street
Tel. 033 342 9737
[email protected]


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