Distance Learning Offers Many Advantages



There is this misconception that distance learning is difficult and that it involves a lot of “teaching yourself”. Distance learning offers many advantages and one of the biggest advantages is that you are able to cut down on costs, save time and money.

Do your research:

There are loads of online resources that can be a beneficial use when studying. You can consult with other distance learning students and find out what curriculum they have tried and figure out what has and has not worked. Joining a facebook or whatsapp group is another way of keeping in touch and providing support to others.

Use as many free online resources:

Instead of having to dip into your pockets, you can have access to free online resources instead of having to pay a monthly subscription fee for sites. Online students can take full advantage of free trials, samples, sales, and classes from various educational sites. Many of these sites will offer free trials before purchasing the product.

Saving on stationary supplies:

Back-to-school shopping can be quite a nightmare as you know how easy it is to overspend on stationary supplies. There are many second hand stores, markets and online sites where you are able to find gently used items for less. Another way of saving is to buy stationery in bulk supply which can be used for a very long time and not having to buy new supplies every month or year.

Co-op classes with other distance learning individuals:

A co-op class does not have to be large in order to be effective.This will allow you to save money, share supplies/ materials and hold each other accountable.

Utilize other people's talents:

If you are eager to learn a new set of skills or talents, think about a family member or close friend that could help or guide you in the right direction. Many people love sharing information about something they are really passionate about. Do not feel ashamed for asking for help, the worst that they could do is say no.

Distance learning does not have to cost a fortune and many institutions offer great deals especially during these uncertain times. Making ends meet can be difficult, however with a little planning and budgeting you can find ways to cut down on costs and find a budget you are happy with.

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