Do you think you can manage?

Are you ready to move into a managerial role? If you are looking for a new challenge or a promotion at work it might be a good idea to start preparing yourself for a senior position.

Advancing to a management role is about more than simply taking on a heavier workload. If you become a manager you may be required to perform a completely different function to your current job.

While managers do have more perks and greater freedoms, there are also added responsibilities and pressures that come along with the job.

In fact being a manager can be incredibly tedious, stressful and exhausting. However it can also be fulfilling, financially rewarding and a great opportunity to grow.

Here are some of the functions that you will need to fulfill as a manger.

People management

Dealing with people forms the basis of management. Directing, correcting and motivating people is central to the manger's function. Perhaps the most challenging part of working with people is dealing with conflict. Managers must be adept at deflating tension and resolving internal quarrels.


As a manager you will ultimately be held accountable for the performance and productivity of your team. You will also need to be comfortable with making tough decision’s and taking responsibility for those choices.

Office management

You will need to be able to delegate, organise and plan. You will also need to oversee the daily running of your department or team. Managers, especially those who are people-orientated often struggle to perform these administrative tasks.

If you are not a manager yet you can begin to equipped yourself for this demanding role and position yourself to climb the ladder. If you are in a management role you can find training courses to help you get the best out of your people.

The Skills Portal will help you find training opportunities in project management, conflict management, HR skills, office management and more.

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