Does e-learning provide the same value as traditional courses?

Will I be able to adapt to an elearning system? Does online learning provide the same value as traditional courses? If you have ever asked these questions now is the time to find the answers.

Take advantage of the special e-learning package offered by Palomino Training Solutions and discover if online learning is the right fit for you.

The special includes an introductory price of R2,990 for 10 courses over a period of a year.

With more home offices, more flexitime and a busier work day, learners need to be able to take part in training when and where it suits them, says Palomino Training Solutions Owner, Rachel Johnson.

“As a training provider, we would like to be able to meet everyone's needs and be able to offer the most appropriate training solution for each individual”.

Palomino Training Solutions offers corporate training with over 50 workshops to choose from including leadership, administration, sales, conflict, planning and communication training. Palomino Training Solutions staff are equipped with a wealth of expertise and experience that will benefit learners.

Through workshops, individual assessment, useful templates and ongoing contact, learners are able to successfully strengthen their abilities and attitude in the workplace.

To better meet the needs of learners, the training provider will be launching its online courses on 2 March 2015. Valuable feedback together with a certificate of achievement is given after the completion of each course.

“Our e-learning can be done anywhere and any time - as long as you have a computer. Working at your own pace, it allows you to fully understand what is being taught by using your own experience as a basis. We offer continued support and feedback after each course is completed.”

“E-learning fills the gap where learners are unable to attend public courses and come from small companies.”

“If you have never done e-learning now is your chance to try it out and see the benefits for yourself.”

Interested parties must book by 20 February 2015 in order to secure this price. Contact [email protected] for more information.