Does your business get complaints?

Are you aware that out of 15 clients who receive poor service from your company, only one is likely to complain? The other 14 simply take their business elsewhere.

OK – so this is scary stuff - especially when we couple it with the fact that your Receptionist almost certainly is the person in your organisation with whom every one of your clients has initial and ongoing contact.

Now let’s sketch a scenario with this key employee occupying a space on their own, literally at the door of your organisation. Where no one else can see or hear how effective an ambassador they are or aren’t. It’s my experience that this is seen as a junior position - one that anyone who can speak and lift up a phone is able to fill. What truly frightens me is that the employee in question – your receptionist – usually agrees with this perception.

Apparently, we judge someone within 3 seconds of meeting or speaking to them. Now - let’s assume this person, who handles the majority of incoming communication unsupervised, does not have the requisite skill-set and training to create a professional, friendly impression of your company. They’re simply disinterested, distracted, unhelpful and/or uninformed. Certainly, ill-equipped. In fact they ‘live down’ to the poor expectations you have of them.

So now I hear you saying: “My receptionist doesn’t feel like this – my receptionist would never treat my customers poorly!” Oh yes? And how would you know? Remember, only one out of 15 is likely to complain……

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