Dreaming of a career in project management?


Would you like to improve your ability to manage larger projects and earn
additional responsibility and respect? The Certified Associate of Project
Management programme might be the right one for you.

Project management skills are in demand globally. Your future employer, will
have strategic goals (a clear idea of where the organisation is pointed and why
this direction is important). Some of these goals will have mushroomed into
projects which are the focus of a lot of time and money.

During a global survey performed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, most
executives explicitly identified project management as "the single most
important skill for their current and future success.' Recently U.S. News and
World Report study revealed that project management is one of the top three
skills employers are looking for.

PMI Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) is a valuable first level
certification for those with littleor no professional project experience who are
focused on becoming a certified project manager.

The CAPMĀ® certificate verifies that candidates understand the foundational
knowledge, processes and terminology which are essential in managing
projects. Regardless of whether you are new to project management or already
serve on a project team, the CAPM can change your career, either putting you
on the right path or taking you to the next level.

PMI Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) prepares you for project
related jobs. Learn from others? mistakes instead of making your own. This could
be your beginning to a business career.

Project Managers help businesses make their strategies become solid
reality. Without project management, innovation is just a sweet dream. This
international project management certification from the Project Management
Institute, demonstrates that you have the passion and perseverance necessary
to take on a project co-ordinator, project administrator or junior project
management role.

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