Durban business embrace employment equity


As part of an ongoing campaign to promote equity in the workplace, the National Economic Development and Labour Council's (Nedlac), the Growth and Development Task Team, have embarked on a nationwide road show campaign aimed at increasing awareness around Employment Equity issues.

The road shows, which began in Johannesburg on 13 July 2004, are aimed at ensuring that designated employers comply with the Employment Equity Act, particularly the provisions relating to reporting and those on the employment of people with disabilities.

The Act stipulates that for companies must submit their employment equity reports by October 1.

The road show visited KwaZulu-Natal, where the business fraternity, organised labour, and community representatives met to chart the way forward in accordance with agreements reached at the Growth and Development Summit.

The GDS Agreements entailed among other issues, reaffirmation and commitment by Nedlac constituencies to engage in social dialogue and working together to address the economic and development challenges facing our country.

To promote levels of growth, investment, job creation and people centred development, leading emerging market and destination of first choice for investors whilst retaining an expanding social equity and fair labour standards, speeding up of skills development.

Source: Dept of Labour