ECTV reaches more than 600 engineers


At the end of March, Engineering and Construction TV (ECTV), operated by Life-Long Learning Solutions (LLLS), already had more than 600 subscribed viewers . This was achieved after only the first two broadcasts.

Says Johan Gerber, CEO of LLLS: "We are very satisfied with the uptake to the channel, and the response has been positive to the first two programmes in the Engineers in Practice series that is sponsored by the South African Association of Consulting Engineers.

"Most of the large consulting engineering firms have registered their technicians and engineers to participate in the continuing professional development (CPD) programme, and these firms are including this learning programme in their workplace skills plans.

It is no surprise that many small firms have registered as well, as it seems they have recognised that this is an opportunity to participate in training with minimal time and effort.

"The essence of CPD is keeping up-to-date and with time pressures and commitments, many people don?t get as much time as they would like, to attend industry seminars and conferences. What is contributing to ECTV?s success is the fact that, although it is CPD training, it is presented in a lively news and discussion format.

"Our most recent programme which was broadcast on April 5, on Extreme Project Management is a case study on the R163-million Cradle of Humankind project examining the project?s success from a project management point of view.

It is presented as a combination of on-site interviews with key role-players, a debriefing discussion between the engineering team and an in-studio guest expert commenting on the project management discussion.

"This strong, pacy format has worked very well and gives Engineers in Practice a magazine format which makes it effortless to learn.'

The topics tackled by the Association through Engineers in Practice, have wide appeal and a number of independent viewers - who are not registered engineering professionals, but who work in the industry - have subscribed as well.

Planning is in progress for upcoming programmes which will include:

and#8722; The Psychology of Sales - Convincing Clients and Closing More Deals, Better! Because selling and doing it effectively is an art, it?s just not possible to teach it all in an hour, so South African sales guru - Jacques de Villiers - will present just the basics to a studio audience and handle some questions. We are hoping for a lively debate!

and#8722; The battle of the disciplines, which will look at how certain specialised engineering services are sometimes taken into account too late on a project thereby challenging these engineers to overcome structural obstacles in order to deliver a working solution. Out of this programme we aim to establish ground-rules as to how the disciplines can work together better from the outset of a project.

and#8722; From the horses mouth: What clients want from engineers, in this programme we intend to host some key client organisations, including parastatal, government, local government and private sector, to get the inside scoop on exactly what their expectations and experiences are of consulting engineers and what exactly defines the product or service they want from engineers.

and#8722; Transformation - a business opportunity for all! In this programme we will be Interpreting the charter, and providing practical advice on the application of the requirements of the charter on consulting businesses. The charter is a business opportunity for all and we will show you how to grow your business and comply with BBBEE. We aim to bring you interviews with some of the key role-players on what they believe the charter means.