Education Department Concerned About Loadshedding During Exams



Grade 12 learners around the country are gearing up for the final examinations of their schooling. However, their preparation for the crucial examinations could be negatively impacted by the current energy crisis.




The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) says they are extremely disappointed that Grade 12 learners will have to contend with rolling blackouts during an important examination season. This is the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams are just a month away.

The WCED says they are introducing several contingency measures to ensure that the examination process can continue.

We will do everything we can to prevent load shedding from compromising the integrity of the matric exams in the Western Cape.

They  are calling for the help of power utility Eskom and the local government to ensure that learners' results are not impacted by the intermittent power cuts.

“We call on Eskom and our local government partners to assist us in making sure that load shedding will not prevent our learners from achieving their best possible results in these exams,” said the department.

The WCED wished the matric class of 2022 well for the upcoming examination session and thanked the tireless efforts of teachers who are working to ensure learners can achieve favourable results in the NSC exams.

South Africas have contended with loadshedding at various levels over the past few weeks. However, on Sunday, loadshedding was escalated to Stage 6 which equates to at least six hours without electricity per day. 




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