Education Sector Vaccine Rollout Falls Behind Target

Covid-19 vaccine drive-through

After targeting to vaccinate over half a million teachers and staff in the education sector, the Department of Basic Education ended its vaccine rollout on Wednesday.

The Basic Education sector started its vaccine rollout on 23 June 2021, with the initial target of vaccinating 582 000 staff by 8 July.

The rollout came to an end on Wednesday 14 July, after it was extended following some delays faced in the sector. 

The department released a statement on Wednesday to give an update about the progress it managed to make during the rollout. 

The statement revealed that over 500 000 staff have been vaccinated since the start of the rollout. However, the department did not manage to meet the exact target of 582 000.

Despite this, the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga is impressed with the number of staff the department managed to vaccinate. 

"I think we have done very well. To be told that we have vaccinated more than 80 percent of our personnel in the sector, that is good news indeed. We did not expect 100 percent because of hesitancy and other factors but the numbers are high and we are pleased with the achievement." she said.

Some areas in the country are facing unrest, and this has led to some vaccination centres closing temporarily. 

The department has asked all staff in areas affected by unrest to defer their vaccination until they are able to be vaccinated again. 

The Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) will reschedule appointments for those who defer their vaccination. 

Those who still have access to vaccination centres, in areas that are not affected by unrest, are encouraged to visit a vaccination centre near them. 

“We urge all our teachers and support staff to get vaccinated so that when schools open, we focus on recovery. We will not have another opportunity to give people time off to go vaccinate when schools open. It is better to do it now before schools reopen,” said Motshekga.



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