Educational app comes to SA

A new educational app that helps students pass their exams is expected to revolutionise online learning in South Africa.

The app known as Gojimo which began in the UK and spread to America is now available in SA.

In South Africa there is a growing market for online learning despite various technological barriers like accessibility and user competence.

Students are eager to access quality resources and expert advice through online tools in order to enhance their learning experience.

Now thanks to Gojima, students can better prepare for their exams. This is done by selecting the relevant subject from a list provided by Gojimo. The app will then recommend questions with detailed explanations to help students work through the subject matter.

According to the website Gojimo offers over 50,000 free multiple-choice, curriculum-based quiz questions and over 10,000 premium questions from publishers like McGraw-Hill Education and Oxford University Press.

The content has been specifically written for South African matriculants making it extremely relevant.

Users can access the app via mobile phone, tablet or computer by downloading Gojimo for free from either App Store or Google Play. What makes the app particularly appropriate for a local user base is that it works offline, so once the content is downloaded students can use the app with no internet connection.

The idea for the app developed after George Burgess, a 17 year old Standford student battled to find quality apps that could help him prepare for his own tests.

Burgess, already recognized as an entrepreneur at the age of 15, decided to solve this problem by creating an online tool that would benefit students in a similar situation.

With the help of his teachers, he started Gojimo, which quickly became a success amongst his fellow students.

During his stint at university, George formed relationships with the world's top educational publishers and used these networks to source premium content for the app.

Gojima is currently the UK’s largest provider of mobile learning apps and the aim is to become the world’s most recognisable exam preparation brand, by making high quality exam resources accessible to students across the globe.

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