Educor Holdings launches the Educor Education Foundation

Educor Holdings is proud to officially announce the launch of the Educor Education Foundation, an initiative aimed at affording disadvantaged schools across South Africa with sufficient educational resources and facilities to promote academic excellence.

The Educor Education Foundation forms part of the leading private education providers, Corporate Social Initiative (CSI) Strategy. A core focus of this strategy is to ensure that students in disadvantaged schools that are located near its campuses and sites have access to the knowledge they require and have an equal opportunity to succeed. By doing so, the brand also gets the opportunity to thank the communities for their support and ensure that they are serviced.

The foundation Chaired by the Educor Chairman, Leo Chettys mum, Mrs F Chetty, has its core focus on the revamp of school science laboratories and stocking school libraries with much needed books The Foundation commenced with a needs analysis earlier this year in KwaZulu-Natal on impoverished schools within the Phoenix, Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu (PINK) area. Key criteria for the identification process was that it met the needs of an educational institution, it was located near the campuses or sites and the school was located in a disadvantaged area.

Nhlanhlayethu Secondary School in Kwamashu and Inanda Newtown Comprehensive Secondary in Inanda where the first two schools that were identified in the audit and where work has already commenced.

Chairlady of the Educor Education Foundation, Mrs F Chetty said, “The Educor Education Foundation is the ray of hope that our countries impoverished schools have been waiting for. During the needs analysis, we have identified a number of schools like Nhlanhlayethu and Inanda Newtown Comprehensive School that are in desperate need of assistance. The Foundation will be the vehicle to drive this process and provide the support to the schools and pupils who have faced unimaginable challenges.”

The Foundation has already made a significant difference in the schools they have identified. The Foundation committee together with Mrs F Chetty personally visited and stocked the Nhlanhlayethu Secondary School library with books ranging from Grade 8 to Grade 12 and commenced with the revamp of their science lab. They also included interesting and informative pieces that will not only inform the pupil’s general knowledge but also provide an interesting social read.

At Inanda Newtown Comprehensive Secondary, the Foundation hosted 700 parents at the launch of its refurbished science labs. When the committee first visited the school, they found the science labs in a dilapidated state. It had damaged desks, broken chairs and hollow flooring. However, the team came to its rescue and restored it to its original new state.

Group Head of Communications for Educor, Jessie Naidoo said that Foundation is an extremely wonderful and heart-warming initiative. “The launch of the Educor Education Foundation marks a momentous milestone for Educor Holdings as a Group. It reinforces our Chairman; Leo Chettys aim to ensure that schools have the basic resources in order to thrive academically.”

She concluded, “We are really excited for what the Foundation has in store for the many schools in our country. It is so fulfilling to invest in the future of our countries children who will one day, in turn, make an impact on society.”

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By Ashmika Chottu

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