Embracing social media marketing

According to Search Engine Land, Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic and attention through social media tools. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and Facebook are all examples of social media tools.

The site further suggests that social media feeds into the discovery of new content and social connections.

This is why the majority of companies now hire designated social media managers for the sole purpose of getting content out there. Making it easily accessible to people who are looking for it.

Up until a few years back, social media was used only as a personal communication tool to keep friends and families in constant communication. Now it is a tool used globally to expand businesses and it is also a platform where people identify opportunities.

Joint ventures are discovered, users get to connect with people who have common interests and get in touch with influencers. Business ideas are born from just analysing trends and creating products that consumers are in need of.

According to leading private education provider Educor Holdings Sayuri Naidoo from the Social Media Team, Social Media Marketing is a field that has grown so much and traditional companies who would normally do their marketing and communication in print platforms are fast adopting to this type of digital communication and marketing. Social media can also be labelled as a tool that has very rapid response and reaction.

“An article published on BrandsEye titled Social Media Analytical Trends suggests that social media is a medium that informs and provokes people’s thoughts and even challenges their intellect. This type of information is relayed as what is now considered “Emotive content”. It aims to evoke people’s emotions as well as their psychological responses,” said Sayuri.

The role of a social media marketer is to then take information that an organisation wants to communicate to the public. They also have to analyse how people are reacting to the content they send out to the public and what they can improve on. In addition, they have to constantly inform themselves of what is new and trending as well as what the competitors are posting.

To really understand social media and how it works doing a course that will explore it as a subject is essential. DamelinOnline has an online Social Media marketing course that is internationally accredited to ensure that a student is supplied with key information to become a successful Social Media Marketer. DamelinOnline has also recently partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute to provide internationally accredited courses that are recognised by social media tools.

“Social media has evolved into a resource of information. It has become a medium, which has different tools within it. To some people, social media is a way of life.”

Through these different tools, people are always seeking to discover new things. They are also constantly searching for service providers who tailor products that they need specifically. If this tool is used correctly and targeting individuals who are within the desired market, it results in the growth of the brand and business and organisations now realise the value of online presence.

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By Nana Zuke