Employment Equity Public Register released


Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has announced the release of Employment Equity Public Register for employers who submitted reports for the 3 October 2005 reporting deadline.

He said the Department has captured 2762 reports submitted by employers who employ 150 or more employees. Only employers who employ 150 or more employees were required to report in 2005.

"A challenge still exists to improve the quality of the reports submitted to the Department by employers who continue to submit incomplete and incorrectly prepared information,' he said.

In order to assist employers, the Department introduced an online service on the 1 September last year to enable employers to complete and submit their reports online. This online service assists employers completing the required information by flagging any outstanding or problematic entries.

"Only a few employers opted for this method of submission but we are confident that this will change over time. Employers are warned that the Department will no longer accept employment equity reports that have not been fully and correctly completed and employers will in future be deemed not to have reported until all outstanding information has been supplied,' he said.

Employers who intend tendering for state contracts are required to provide proof of submission of their employment equity report to the Department of Labour.

The next reporting deadline is 2 October this year and all employers with 50 or more employees are required to submit their reports, as well as employers with fewer than 50 employees whose turnover exceeds their sector threshold in schedule 4 of the Employment Equity Act.

The Public Register for the 2005 reporting period is available from the departmental website http://www.labour.gov.za. Hard copies of Government Gazette No. 28642 are available from the Government Printer at telephone (012) 334 4508/09/10.