The end of free Windows 10

The free Windows 10 upgrade came to an end on 29 July, exactly one year after the operating system (OS) first became available to consumers. This means that as of now, users will have to buy the full OS from the various retailers across the country.

Windows 10 has seen the highest customer satisfaction of any version of Windows, resulting in it becoming one of the largest online services in less than a year. More than 350 million users in homes, SMEs, schools, and corporations around the globe already enjoy the many benefits that Windows 10 has to offer.

Here are some of the best new features students and educators will experience when using the anniversary update of Windows 10:
Windows Ink enables students to use a stylus to write on their Windows 10-powered device’s touchscreen as smoothly as though they are writing on paper. By utilising this feature within a range of supporting apps such as Microsoft Edge, Office, and OneNote, students will be able to easily create sticky notes, draw on a virtual whiteboard, or even do mathematical equations and compose music within Windows 10.

The Anniversary Update simplifies the deployment process so a teacher can set up devices in three easy steps, even with no dedicated IT support, with an all new “Set up School PCs” app for setting up a ‘Shared Cart of Devices’ in schools.

Secure Assessments with ‘Take a Test’ App: Teachers and schools need advanced, secure tools for modern test-taking and new tools can simplify standardised testing for a variety of test taking needs. Microsoft’s all-new “Take a Test” app offers simplified options for test-taking as the app creates a browser-based, locked-down environment for more secure, online assessments, for tests that shouldn’t have copy/paste privileges, access to files, or other distractions.

Updated Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer: For schools with dedicated IT support, the updated Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool enables them to set up shared devices, in bulk, in a matter of minutes.