Engineering programmes delivered through webinars

Our N4 to N6 Engineering programmes have been made available using ‘live interactive webinars’.

After a number of requests from our clients and a great deal of research over the last couple of years, along with the Minister of education’s drive towards increased education of the Artisan in South Africa, IDC Technologies (Instrument Data Communications) decided to deliver the N4-N6 Engineering Programmes in the Industrial Instrumentation, Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical disciplines. However, due to the difficulty in companies being able to release their artisans from the workplace for months at a time, we decided to use our e-learning methodology in the form of ‘live webinars’.

This would enable all artisans and other engineering technical staff to attend, live over the internet, the various sessions twice a week. Each session can be attended anywhere as long as there is a reliable internet connection available.

What do live webinars involve?
These are live, interactive sessions over the Internet. You will join the instructor and other participants from around the country/Africa in an online ‘virtual classroom’ where you are able to watch a presentation, and communicate with the instructor and other students via audio, text messaging or drawing on the whiteboard. Each webinar is between 60 and 90 minutes in duration.

How does it work?
The courses consist of a number of modules (this varies from course to course) over a given time period involving live, interactive webinars. Some modules may involve a practical component or group activity. For each module completed there is an initial reading assignment along with coursework, problem solving/practical exercises that are submitted by each student and marked by instructors. Students will have access to ongoing support from instructors via e-mail, Moodle or Skype.

IDC Technologies has recently been granted provisional accreditation as a Private Higher Education Institution (Instrument Data Communications, Certificate No. 2016/HE07/001). 
We have been granted full accreditation by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO – Accreditation Number QCTO/NATED/15/0127) to present the National Diplomas using our live e-learning methodology 2 years ago. This is for all engineering students who would like to but haven’t completed any of these programs, or have only partially completed one or more levels and only need to complete certain subjects.

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Here are just some of the comments from some of our students:

Richard Edward - "The absolute comfort of studying at home and studying with top class lecturer. The strange thing for me was that the lecturer is really concerned with making sure that I understood everything. This was a first for me and lectures where    kept interesting with first getting to grips with the basics and then was your confidence was up then we tackled more difficult problems."

Gilbert Chipadza - "The presentation was excellent"

Richard Edward - "Each one built onto the next one in a structured logical manner."

Kirk Zimri - "Personally IDC technologies was of excellent assistance in providing me with correct and timeous information regarding RPL."

Gilbert Chipadza - "Extremely useful"

Nicholas  Kgarane - "Extremely organized"

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Contact Details : Tel: 011 024 5520 email:

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