Entrepreneurship Key In Reducing Unemployment



The launch of a brand new skills training centre in Kwa-Mhlanga, Mpumalanga represents a beacon of hope for young people in the province. This could allow them to develop critical skills that could improve their lives.




The centre was made possible through a collaboration between Strait Agri Solutions and the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport in Mpumalanga.

The department's Mohita Latchminarain says skills training in welding, plumbing and water reticulation will be offered at the new skills development centre. Long-term objectives will include courses in heavy machine operations, panel beating and road construction.

Latchminarain said, “If you look at this, these are things that are mostly needed in government departments, not only in the private sector as well, but it's things that give them that ability to go out on their own as well”

Strait Agri Solutions Director Robert Sekwele says entrepreneurship is crucial for young people as the economy, as it currently is, cannot accommodate all young people.

Sekwele said, “Entrepreneurship is one of the roots that we think could be able to assist us in solving the unemployment crisis that we are currently facing.”

National Youth Development Agency (NDYA) Executive Chairperson Asanda Luwaca says the entrepreneurial industry is a complex environment in which to flourish.She explained that there are stringent requirements and barriers to success that often make it impossible for young people to flourish in the entrepreneurial space.

The NDYA wants to be in a position where it can assist startups to flourish, as the agency provides youth-run businesses with funding vouchers to get them up and running.

“If a young person comes to us and says look they want to establish a particular business and they need assistance with equipment and they've identified the relevant service providers as well as the relevant documentation and quotations, we would then ensure that those monies and those funds would be paid into those service providers” explained Luwaca.





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