Several Eskom units return to service but load shedding continues




Eskom said in a media statement on Wednesday that four of its power station's generating units have successfully returned to service.

Despite this, Eskom will implement Stage 1 load shedding on Wednesday from 9 am until 10 pm.

This comes after several instances of load shedding throughout the week.

"This additional capacity has significantly reduced the strain on the generation system. The progress, however, is still not sufficient to enable us to suspend this current unfortunate period of load shedding." said the utility in a statement.

Eskom assured that the generation system has improved and, as a result, it will move from implementing Stage 2 load shedding to Stage 1 load shedding.

“Eskom wishes to assure the public that implementing load shedding is the last resort, in order to protect the national grid.”

Meanwhile, the return to service of a unit each at Tutuka and Kendal power stations has been delayed as teams work around the clock to return them to service. Unfortunately, the colder weather also means that the demand for electricity has risen significantly.

“We, therefore, urge the public to continue assisting us in managing consumption in order to reduce the impact of the supply constraints.” 

Eskom said that it will communicate with the public should there be any significant changes to the supply situation.

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