Essential lockdown contacts



With the growing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa, knowing who to contact to prevent more cases of local transmission is crucial. Here is a list of all the essential contact numbers, websites and email addresses to keep on hand during SA's 21-day lockdown. 

  • Report a suspected case (24-Hour): 0800 029 999 or send a WhatsApp: 0600 12 3456                                                                              
  • National Crisis Line - 0861 322 322
  • Department Of Water Affairs - 0800 200 200
  • Presidential Hotline - 17737
Aids Helpline
0800 012 322
Mental Health Information Line
0800 567 567
Children’s Cancer Helpline
0800 333 0555
National Health System Ethics Line
0800 20 14 144 14

Report a Crime

  • Gender-Based Violence Command Centre: 0800 428 428 Or *120*7867# (Free For Mobile)
  • South African Police Service: 08600 10111
  • Reporting Undue Price Increases: 0800 141 880
  • Report police brutality (National) at your local police department or contact the National Service Complaints Call Centre on 0800 333 177 or email [email protected]

Enquiries and Financial Aid

Temporary Employer-Employee Relief Scheme

SASSA Call Centre 

Register As An Essential Service Provider

Businesses capable of providing essential services must apply for a certificate to continue trading from the department of trade, industry and competition (the DTIC) in order for them to trade during the period of the lockdown. Visit and click on the menu icon listed as “essential service businesses” to apply.


Postbank Call Centre  - Deals With Concerns And Complaints Related To SASSA/SAPO Cards – Card Replacement, Pin Resets And Non-Payment.

  • Call: 0800 53 54 55 

Complaints against the local police department (Western Cape): 

Complaints against SANDF:

Complaints against the Cape Town Metro Law Enforcement: 

Report Inefficiencies or brutality related to Law Enforcement - [email protected]

Offer Your Support

Support To SMME’S (Informal Small Medium And Micro Enterprises) In Distress: 0860 663 7867

The Solidarity Fund:

  • For Organisations Wishing To Make Any Offers Of Non-Cash Donations (Between 8 am And 6 pm): 0860 001 001 
  • For Any Queries Related To Non-Cash Donations: 0860 001 001
  • Alternately you can download the donation form and mail the completed form to [email protected]

The Department Of International Relations (Hotline Number For South African Citizens Based In Wuhan City, China)

  • South African Embassy In Beijing: +86 135 0105 9041
  • South African Consulate-General In Shanghai: +86 159 0045 4282

The Department Of International Relations And Corporation (Dirco): 

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