Essential people skills you need to succeed


Are people skills inherent or can they be developed? It seems that some people are simply born with a level of charm and charisma that endears them to others.

And then there are the socially-awkward, reserved types that are often clueless in social settings.

To engage successfully with different personalities requires a mix of communication and interpersonal skills.

The good news is that these skills can be learnt.

In the video '10 Essential People Skills You Need to Succeed' we look at some unusual soft skills that you need to become a trusted and influential professional.

Develop Social Assertiveness

This is the ability to use your energy positively in social settings.

"People with high social assertiveness are able to set up boundaries, stand up for their needs, are able to say no."

These principles pave the way for healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

People with low social assertiveness tend to be 'people pleasers' who are not aligned with their social goals.

Become an Excellent Conversationalist

The ability to make small talk is important, but it is equally important that professionals are able to move from small talk to 'big talk'.

The way to do that is through authentic and memorable conversations. People with this skill know how to keep a conversation going and avoid awkward silences.

"Master conversationalists.... use conversation as a tool for everything from rapport building, to socialising, to flirting to sales."

Be Highly Likeable

"We like people who we feel are showing us their true selves."

Likeability is not always rated as a leadership quality but it can go a long way to helping you build real connections with others.

"Likeability is an important facet of trust."

If you are perceived as trustworthy you are more likely to get people on your team or influence others to your point of view.

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