Exploring the art of design

Graphic design is a field that is all about visual communication. It is about creating fresh, clean looks for brands and most importantly, it is about creating visuals that are going to attract the attention of the target market.

Graphic design is predominantly focused on print media. It also involves the skill of arranging layouts. Whether it is images, text and the use of the correct colour pallets for magazines, brochures, billboards and more.

Mandy Roberts is the graphic design lecturer at CityVarsityOnline. She has always had love for arts and everything that has to do with visuals. She recalls how as a teenager growing up, she was always fascinated by visual expression. Turning small ideas into visual masterpieces or even into campaigns that influence people’s thoughts and reactions.

Visual communication
“I have a playful and innovative design style and combine technical expertise with visual communication,” said Mandy. According to Mandy, she wishes to influence the graphic design industry by contributing designs that hold a sense of transparency and authenticity. She does not design purely for decorative purposes but believes that design is honest and its primary role is to support the content.

Qualities of great designers
Mandy also added that having the ability to produce excellent designs in the industry is not enough. There are other attributes that a designer needs to have, these qualities compliment their work and assist them to be the best and to have a great work ethic. A graphic designer needs to have problem solving abilities, be able to work under extreme pressure and often-tough deadlines.

“A designer needs to have integrative thinking. They must be forward thinkers who take the initiative and be able to work with groups of people,” said Mandy.
Work opportunities
According to Mandy, graphic designers could work in the publishing industry on magazines and newspapers. They could also become senior designers or illustrators, where the designer focuses less on layout and more on developing illustrations for print or digital output. After graduating, a graphic design alumni could also move on to become a digital designer by developing layout for on screen use like online magazines or social media content and eventually web design layout.

It is important for a graphic designer or anyone involved with design to totally immerse themselves in their work, added Mandy. Great designers are those who constantly do research of what is going on in the design world. In addition, designers need to know the history of design. This helps them build a solid foundation.

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By Nana Zuke