Exploring the function of Excel


Excel is considered to be the longstanding powerhouse of spreadsheet
software as it is one of the most commonly used business applications on the
But did you know that Excel has unlimited capabilities for making your job easier
and less stressful?

In today's fast-paced business climate - it is important, no vital, that you are
able to make business decisions quickly and accurately and Excel can help you
do this.

The Excel application was created to simplify financial processes and make
life easier for those who needed to perform long and complex calculations.
Instead Excel users often have the very opposite experience and words like
frustration, confusion and exasperation are more likely to describe them.

Consultant and developer Jon von der Heyden aims to help people make use
of Excel tools in order to reap the full benefits of the application.

One of the challenges of mastering this application is that Microsoft has
evolved the software a number of times since its inception which means new
functions have been added.

However, Heyden argues that even the greatest experts won't make use of
all the functions and having a working knowledge of every function is not only
impossible but also unnecessary.

"One does not need to know everything", but staying abreast of the
functions that will help you perform in your job is what really matters.

Another challenge is that people become "comfortable' with the way they use
the application and it is hard to break bad habits and incorrect methods that
have been practiced and re-enforced for years.

For this reason training programmes such as the Advanced Excel Skills for
Financial Managers andManagement Accountants course hosted by Alusani Skills and
Training Network® is critical for Excel users to get the most out of the

The problem is that senior management often does not understand the
capabilities of the application and therefore cannot recognise the value of this
kind of training.

Heyden believes the key is to teach users the foundational concepts and
give them the resources to continue their learning and understanding once the
training programme has ended.

In order for the training to be effective the participant must make a
contentious effort to implement what they have learned and not carelessly "fall
back into their old habits".

Those who do learn to master this application will save time and produce
work that is much more accurate.

This is a very intensive course that is designed for financial professionals
who want an in-depth but practical explanation on the advanced Excel tools and

Functions like Pivot Tables, charts, formula functions will be explored.
Participants will also receive an introduction into Power Pivot and learn how to
implement controls and flexible models.

The Advanced Excel Skills for Financial Managers and Management Accountants course is held by Alusani Skills and Training Network®. For more information call 011 447 7470 email faith@alusani.co.za or visit the Alusani Skills and Training Network® website

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing