Farmers warned against bogus inspectors in Namakwa




The Department of Employment and Labour in Northern Cape has warned farmers and employers in the Namakwa area to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals who act as inspectors in an attempt to access their farms.

Provincial Chief Inspector Ivan Vass said the Northern Cape's Calvinia Labour Centre has since Monday, received complaints from farmers in the Brandvlei area about suspicious individuals who have been attempting to access their farms, posing as labour inspectors.

“We would like to warn our farmers and employers around the Hantam Local Municipality to be on a look-out for these suspicious characters that act as inspectors and try to trick employers into allowing them access to their farms or workplaces.

“The Department of Employment and Labour would like to put it on record that, currently all Inspections and Enforcement Services (Inspectors) are operating remotely and do not do active inspections across the province,” Vass said.

Vass said that the inspectors are currently performing administrative inspections remotely since the national lockdown and responding to Impimpa hotline cases, as well as emergency Occupational Health Safety Act inspections when the need arises.

Vass said the incidents have been reported to the Area Commissioner of the South African Police Services for investigation.

The department has urged all farmers and employers in the areas to report any suspected cases directly to the SAPS on 08600 10 111.

“Employers are reminded that departmental inspectors carry identity cards, drive on clearly marked vehicles and make notifications for inspections, before visiting any workplace or farm,” Vass said.