FET conference tackles sector challenges


With the aim of tackling issues such as throughput rates and access to work
opportunities, the 2nd Annual National FET Conference 2014
will draw together experts in training and skills development.

The conference is also expected to address inequality, poverty and private-
public networks in the education and training sector.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn about new ways of
addressing FET College challenges through specially created discussion

During these sessions delegates from across the world will come together to
exchange ideas, network and connect with sector partners.

Various stakeholders including; the Seta's, DHET ministry and officials,
college management, student support, business, mayors, basic education
management and officials, college council, exhibitors, NGO's and media members
have been invited.

Are you feeling run down? This is the perfect place to be motivated and
rejuvenated with fresh approaches. The conference will run 8,9,10 Oct 2014 at
the Walter Sisulu Square in Johannesburg. For more information email ="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]