Flexible computer training available through Bankseta voucher scheme


Bankseta is a statutory body established through the Skills Development Act to advance the national and global position of the banking and micro-finance industry. As guided by its mandate the Bankseta is an agent of transformation and will promote employment equity and broad-based BEE through skills development.

Bankseta has undertaken to provide vouchers to registered SME's (Small and Micro Enterprises) to the value of R10,000.00 worth of training that the Bankseta will pay for. The intention of this project is to increase the investment in training and development,.

Sixty-five training providers offer various training initiatives aligned to the broader banking sectors critical strategic skill priority areas.

On-Site Training has been approved to participate as one of the accredited training providers in this special project.

"Our service is geared towards providing training at a client's premises, where dates and times for the training are scheduled according to the client's requirements in more manageable sessions over a number of days," says Richard Rayne, Managing Director of On-Site Training.

"We feel that this model is well suited to the type of companies that fall within the banking and financial services industry where deadlines are tight and most of the time people cannot afford to take a full-day out of the office."