Focusing on moments of truth in customer service

In this ever changing and dynamic business environment, customer service has never been as important. Every individual’s needs are important. Each customer wants to be treated like they are your only customer. They know that isn’t true, just as well as you do, but they still want that kind of attention. A service-oriented philosophy says that you are there for your customer.

In order to be customer service leaders, it is vital to focus on each and every Moment of Truth, where the customer touches your brand and has contact with you”, says Rachel Johnson of Palomino Training Solutions. “In the Moment of Truth you can create customers for life or you can initiate a slow and painful demise of your company, one customer at a time.”

There are three Moments of Truth that can be created. A Moment of Misery, a Moment of Mediocrity, or a Moment of WOW.

A Moment of Mediocrity is what most often occurs in business to customer interactions and this is where the customer’s expectations were met – and those may even be low expectations. Customers who experience a Moment of Mediocrity feel “satisfied” but will not reward the company with loyalty. These customers are only your customers because they haven’t found a better experience yet.

A Moment of Misery is created each time you fail to meet the customer’s expectations. Often, Moments of Misery result in damaging and highly persuasive negative word-of-mouth advertising and customer defection.

“Some of the ways you can create a Moment of Misery,” says Johnson, “include responding to complaints with an accusatory style; refusing to take responsibility for problems; failing to apologise to customers; amongst others.”
The best moment to create is a Moment of WOW. This is when you exceed the customer’s expectations. Service must be truly outstanding and service providers have to go “Beyond WOW” to create the Moment of WOW. Moments of WOW create a profitable base of loyal customers, which results in growth, increased profits, and lasting value.

“Go out of your way to delight your customers in all aspects of customer service,” suggests Johnson. “You only have one Moment of Truth – what will it be?”

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