Follow an “extraordinary” training path

“Be Extraordinary” is the motto and philosophy behind the Mi Learning and Development Consultancy.

The consultancy was founded by Mooneera Isaacs after acquiring 20 years of consulting experience in the education and training sector.

Extraordinary is not just a word, it means to stand out,” says Isaacs.

“This includes how we behave with people, the tasks we do, ethics, professionalism, being efficient, how we present ourselves to all stakeholders.”

Mi Learning is accredited with the Service and ETDP Seta as a private training provider which focuses on training educators, facilitators and instructors to perform their roles effectively.

The company prides itself on delivering training and learner support in extraordinary ways.

Mi Learning offers a range of courses from assessor to marketing programmes. But what makes this offering unique is a high commitment to and engagement with learners.

“We treat all stakeholders as part of our family and make them feel at home in our environment.”

This approach to development enables learners to make deep connections during their training sessions.

“We encourage and create networks for people to meet and support each other.  We encourage and provide our learners with the environment and assistance to complete their portfolios for submission so that they can receive their certification.”

Mi learning not only helps learners to complete their qualifications but to prepare for their respective roles.

Mi Learning offers Saturday classes and any additional support that the learner might need. The aim is to encourage, assist and motivate learners to finish their qualification and become extraordinary.

No one is regarded as only a paying customer. “Our learners are the most important people, and we treat them that way.”

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing