Free HIV training for CHIETA companies


Redpeg is inviting small, medium and large companies, who are members of the Chemical Industries Education Training Authority (CHIETA) to apply for the HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme, which is offered free of charge.

Participating companies will have access to workplace HIV/AIDS-related research and accredited unit standards-based HIV/AIDS training.

The CHIETA-funded initiative is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the potential impact of HIV/AIDS on skills planning in the chemical sector.

Eligible companies will have the opportunity to choose the most applicable training courses from a list of accredited HIV/AIDS training programmes including:

o HIV/AIDS coordinator training - NQF level 5 (for workplace coordinators)
o HIV/AIDS, the law and the workplace training programme - NQF level 5 (for IR and HR managers)
o HIV/AIDS peer educator training - NQF level 4 (for workplace peer educators)
o HIV/AIDS counsellor training programme - NQF level 4 (for peer counsellors)
o HIV/AIDS basic awareness training - NQF level 2 (for general employees)
o HIV/AIDS training for managers - not unit standards based

Selected businesses will be expected to provide a sample of employees to complete a short questionnaire as part of the research into employee knowledge, attitudes and practice (KAP) with regard to HIV/Aids. Each company will receive a summarised report of the sectoral (KAP) survey results.

The programme is intended for all levy-paying companies in the chemical sector.

Closing date for applications is 16 August 2012.

For more information or to apply contact Sandra Ncube on (011) 476 5355 or email [email protected]