Free study opportunities for Tshwane students


Free study opportunities to obtain a globally sought after qualification in the
manufacturing sector are now available to qualifying students in Tshwane.

Prospective applicants will be selected in the capital city over the next two
months for tool, die and mould making training as part of the Intsimbi National
Tooling Initiative?s (NTI?s) TDM Powered Foundation Programme. The Programme
will be presented at the Faranani Skills Centre, Hammanskraal in 2015.

The Foundation Programme is registered as a skills programme: Toolroom
Assistant with merSETA, the Education and Training Authorities? SETA
established to promote skills development in Manufacturing, Engineering and
Related Services.

Dirk van Dyk, a director of Intsimbi NTI, says the training of sufficient skilled
people for the tooling industry is of critical importance as manufacturing is one of
the cornerstones of the South African economy. Manufacturing provides
consumers with virtually all products that they use in everyday life and creates
economic growth, employment and wealth. In order to produce high quality
products at affordable prices, manufacturers rely on advanced technology and
highly trained people, provided by the tooling manufacturing industry, to
produce the tools, moulds and dies required for the manufacturing process.

"South Africa is currently experiencing a critical shortage of technically skilled
people in the tooling manufacturing industry. This obviously has important
implications for the manufacturing industry and continued growth in the country'
says Van Dyk "The TDM Powered Skills Development Programme, a partnership
between the Toolmaking Association of South Africa (TASA) and the Department
of Trade and Industry (the dti) is a strategic growth stimulator for manufacturing
and technical skills development and aims to create a significant number of job
opportunities for South Africa?s youth'.

TDM Powered Foundation Programme is a one-year programme and
provides students with the basic skills in the tool, die and mould making
disciplines to enable them to qualify as Toolroom Assistants. Once qualified,
students can pursue careers in cross cutting sectors such as the aerospace,
automotive, chemical, electronics, leisure, marine, medical, mining and packaging

The learning content of the Foundation Programme is structured to include
fundamental and applied theory, trade theory, workshop practical training and
on-the-job training, providing students with extensive industry exposure and
experience. Students receive a small stipend during Phase 3, the workplace on-
the-job training phase, to support them with transport costs to the companies
where they receive their on-the-job exposure and training.

Tshwane matriculants, industry incumbents and out of school youth are
invited to attend a "Career Day' to obtain first-hand knowledge about the TDM
Powered Foundation Programme at:
Hammanskraal, Faranani Skills Centre, 40 Old Warmbaths Road on 31 July from
09:00 to 15:00

More information and application forms are available from Ms Leigh-Anne
La'Fember on 061 425 7046 or email: href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]

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