FTI guides growth of business analysis in Nigeria


The Nigerian Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) hosted its first annual National Business Analysis Conference (BACONF) in November 2011. BACONF, is the first business Analysis event in West Africa promoting the professional practice of Business Analysis. South Africa was represented at the conference by Steve Erlank who spoke in his capacity of President of the South African Chapter of the IIBA®. Erlank was instrumental in helping and supporting the IIBA® Nigeria Chapter in the initial phase of its start-up.

Delegates who attended the IIBA® Nigeria Chapter’s National Business Analysis Conference heard the latest developments within the fast evolving profession of business analysis. The conference was themed "Growing Internal Capacity for Global Competitiveness' and aimed to capture Nigeria’s aspiration of becoming one of the world’s 20 biggest economies by the year 2020 aided by business analysis competencies.

Steve Erlank, who is also Managing Director of Faculty Training Institute (FTI), was invited to speak at the inaugural conference. His key note addressed audiences on the practical steps that can be taken to grow business analysis competencies and Communities of Practice (CoP’s) within organisations.

Business Analysis is of strategic importance to the Nigerian Economy and the conference drew leading government agencies and industry experts from both private and public sectors. It is a professional practice that has grown over the years to cut across virtually all industries and professions and is viewed as a critical, strategic skill in Nigeria.

According to Robinson Ingwe, Programme Director of BACONF 2011, "the conference has come at a time in Nigeria’s history when the socio-political and economic life is undergoing radical transformation and business analysis is at the centre of Nigeria’s efforts at transformation.'

The IIBA® Nigeria Chapter’s president, Oludayo Awe, PMP,CBAP, echoed Ingwe’s sentiments at the conference in his the opening institutional address. "The IIBA® Nigerian Chapter has a prominent role to play in developing Nigeria’s millions of potential knowledge based workers and although the process will be gradual, the IIBA® Nigeria Chapter is committed to transforming Nigerian society through business analysis in the ultimate goal of global competitiveness,' says Awe.

Erlank, whose trip to Nigeria was sponsored by FTI, has provided guidance to the members of the IIBA® Nigeria Chapter since its inception. "It is very rewarding to witness the growth of the IIBA® Nigeria Chapter and to see the fruits of their success at their inaugural National Business Analysis Conference,' says Erlank.
FTI has a culture of mentoring and supports the future growth of the IIBA® Nigeria Chapter and therefore ultimately business analysis practice in Nigeria. "FTI is keen for further expansion in Africa through the building of strategic relationships', says Erlank.

South Africa’s first Business Analysis Conference is planned for the third quarter of 2012.

From left: Steve Erlank, Oludayo Awe, Chinwe Ogbujah , the Secretary of IIBA Nigeria Chapter), Idiat Babalola (representative of the Osun State Governor)