Future of e-Tolls Under Review


The Minister of Transport has stepped forward, following reports that the e-toll system will be scrapped. 

According to the Minister, government has not yet made a decision about the future of the e-tolling system. 

“At the moment, the Ministry of Transport is seized with the responsibility of ensuring that beyond a determination of whether the e-tolls are scrapped or not, proper decisions are made with regard to how road infrastructure rollout and maintenance in this country will be financed.

“This is what the Minister of Transport and his counterparts in the national government are determining at present and at the right time when all that has been finalised, an announcement will be made,” said the Minister.

The e-toll system dates back to 2007, when the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project was launched.

Talks of introducing the system started in October 2007, with government asking the public to comment on e-tolls. 

The feedback from public comments was not good, as many rejected the system. 

The launch of the system was then suspended for 6 years, as government went back and forth in consultations and court. 

In 2013, the e-tolling system was finally given the go-ahead to launch. Motorists were warned by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) that non-payment of the e-toll system would result in a hefty fine. 

Now, the public looks forward to the possible scrapping of the system which could be any time soon. 

MEC of Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure, Jacob Mamabolo said the provincial government is waiting on the national government to announce the final decision. 

“As we look forward to the announcement by national government, we reaffirm our view that e-tolling system in its current form burdens Gauteng residents on a matter that involves the national economy and the economies of neighbouring states. As we anxiously wait for the decision, the provincial government believes that it has put forward a compelling argument for the scrapping of e-tolls,” Mamabolo said.



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