Gauteng Could Face Third Wave



A third wave of Covid-19 has been predicted to hit Gauteng if the province continues to see an increase in cases.

The province has over 3 000 active cases, and the number of cases are expected to increase soon.

Harsha Somaroo,  Public Health Medicine Specialist at the Wits School of Public Health said the numbers in the province are concerning. 

The Gauteng Department of Health has urged residents to follow Covid-19 rules. 

"We've had a sustained number of Covid cases in the province over the past few weeks and with the recent predictions by the Modelling Consortium...we are concerned because we want to decrease the incidents at the moment to actually try to prevent the resurgence in the province.”

Somaroo has stressed that residents in the province need to follow non-pharmaceutical preventative measures. These measures include social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitising hands regularly. 

“What’s more concerning to us is that we are seeing an increased number of cases in specific areas and we’re seeing clusters of cases amongst families in certain schools and certain workplaces.”

Gauteng is also the leading province with the highest number of recent Covid-19 deaths being recorded in the province as of 4 May 2021:

  • Gauteng 21
  • Limpopo 20
  • Eastern Cape 7
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal 4
  • Free State 3 
  • Western Cape 3 
  • Northern Cape 1 

The Gauteng province is working to enforce preventative and response measures while the exact date of the third wave remains unknown. 

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