Gauteng reduces number of unplaced learners

The Gauteng Department of Education says the number of unplaced learners whose parents applied online has been drastically reduced to 2 865.

The department said late applications and placements are increasing daily and the number has increased to 18 327.

“Of the people that applied late, 9 651 learners are placed. This brings the total number of learners placed in January 2017 to 65 651. Districts and schools remain in close contact to follow-up on queries from parents of unplaced learners,” the department said.

The department said it is encouraged by the work of district officials in 62 operations centres and has urged parents to visit the centres for assistance.

Delays in payment of NSC exam markers
Meanwhile, the department has been granted approval by Provincial Treasury to reallocate funds in order to effect the balance of payment to markers.

“The total budget earmarked for the payment of markers was R120 million, of which R81 million has already been paid. The department regrets the delay and assures all markers that they will be paid the outstanding amounts in due course,” the department said. –