Gauteng Residents To Get Vaccinated At Work

get vaccinated at work

As the South African government looks to ramp up its vaccination rollout plan, Gauteng will be vaccinating citizens at their place of work.

Gauteng Premier's spokesperson, Vuyo Mhaga says more than 10 000 people were vaccinated through this initiative in partnership with the private sector.

He explains that if employers or companies have more than 50 employees, the government can send a mobile team to vaccinate their staff. The process is voluntary.

Mhaga says that different methods can be used to cater for different companies. He cites the example of using a complex where there are multiple companies. He says these workers can also inform their family members about the vaccination site as well as the surrounding communities so they too can get vaccinated against Covid-19.

He said, “so part of the work that the healthcare guys do, they go in and start to speak to people about the safety of the vaccine and the importance of the vaccine so we also do that work and also do a lot of the pop-ups across the malls in our province…including the farms”.

The total number of people that have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the last 24 in South Africa is 86 351. Gauteng accounted for 26 137 of these vaccinations.

The total number of vaccines administered in the country now stands at more than 28.7 million doses. Just above 8 million of these doses were administered in Gauteng.

“What is important is to make sure that many South africans are vaccinated so we can really go back and try to rebuild our economy” declared Mhaga.



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