Get a career in data science or your money back


The EXPLORE Data Science Academy (EDSA) today announced several new courses in 2020 that promise to radically change the shape of data science education in South Africa.

Comprising Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, each six-month course provides vital digital skills that are in high demand in the market place. The full time, fully immersive courses cost R60 000 (incl. VAT) each.

What differentiates these courses from any other available, is that the EDSA offers the EXPLORE Money Back Promise if it cannot place the candidate in a job within six months of graduation and at a minimum annual starting salary of R240 000.

“For South Africans with drive and aptitude, this is the perfect opportunity to launch a career in what has been called “the sexiest career of the 21st century.” And it comes with a unique money-back promise,” says EXPLORE founder Shaun Dippnall.

Dippnall and his team are betting on the explosive demand for data science skills locally and globally – skills, which are driving market competitiveness.

“There is a massive supply-demand gap in the area of data science and our universities and colleges are struggling to keep up with the rapid growth and changing nature of specific digital skills being demanded by companies.

“What we are offering is specifically a work ready opportunity in a highly skills deficient sector, and one which guarantees employment thereafter,” he adds.

The latter is particularly pertinent to young South Africans – a segment, which currently faces a 30 percent unemployment rate.

“If you have skills in either Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics or Machine Learning, you will find work locally, even globally. We’re confident of that,” says Dippnall.

The EDSA is part of the larger EXPLORE organization and has for the past two years offered young people an unparalleled opportunity to be trained as data scientists and embark on careers in this fast-growing sector of the economy.

In its first year of operation, EDSA trained 100 learners as data scientists in a fully sponsored, full-time 12-month course. In year two, this number increased to 400.

“Because we are connected with hundreds of employers and have an excellent understanding of the skills they need, our current placement rate is over 90 percent of the students we’ve taught. These learners can earn an average of R360 000 annually,” Dippnall says.

“Hence our offer of your money back if there is no employment at a minimum annual salary of R240k within six months,” he adds.

“With one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world - recently announced as a national emergency by the President – it is important that institutions teach skills that are in demand and where learners can earn a healthy living afterwards,” Dippnall says.

There are qualifying criteria however. Candidates need to live in close proximity (within one hour commuting distance), or be prepared to live, in either Johannesburg or Cape Town, and need to be between the ages of 18 and 55.

“Our application process is very tough. We’ll test for aptitude and attitude using the qualifying framework we’ve built over the years. If you’re smart enough, you’ll be accepted,” says Dippnall.

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