Get ready to challenge your mentoring paradigm

If you have been asked, nominated or selected to be a mentor, Congratulations! It is professionally one of the greatest compliments

Throughout history mentors have been political advisors, strategic thinkers, academics, thriving business personalities, outstanding educators, religious leaders, sporting icons and loving parents. They have all performed this multi-faceted role informally, simply because of their passion and belief in those in whom they have invested their time.

But the challenge of mentoring is now greater than ever before. Those that we mentor are facing greater challenges in a volatile, uncertain and complex world. The pace of learning is forever accelerating with massive risks and opportunities. This means that modern mentoring requires more than an ad hoc effort where mentors and mentees get together for a cup of coffee. These informal or accidental relationships may be genuine but often lack measures that will assess the value and progress of the mentoring journey.

But where do you start? What do you or should you talk about? How do you add value as a mentor? All these questions are valid especially now that mentoring is more on the map than ever.

So here is your challenge! Be an intentional mentor and have insightful and reflective conversations on topics that are crucial to your mentee’s personal and professional development. It is clear that mentoring is “more colourful” and offers greater value when a mentor and mentee pursue these deeper, more honest conversations.

Mentoring might be a role that you as a manager are expected to fulfil, or possibly, you have volunteered because you recognise the importance of giving back or even leaving a legacy. Nevertheless, however you are involved in this role, the advice is the same - be committed, make time and do it intentionally. Mentoring is a joy and a massive privilege.

Parents, teachers and leaders from any professional or educational setting or career or industry now have the tools to successfully navigate mentoring relationships. Niel Steinmann’s latest book and programme on mentoring is rich with advice and explores the various conversations crucial for successful mentoring relationships.

You will be equipped to hold deeper more honest conversations that create new levels of self-awareness and opportunities for those that you mentor to transform situations and relationships around them. It gives the mentor practical tools to facilitate this awareness and learning in ways that enrich, challenge, inspire and enable mentees to learn about themselves and their world.

For more information on how to embark on this rich rewarding journey of giving back and even leaving a legacy for your business, please contact Aha Training and Development.

Our success in life is dictated by the quality of relationships we can build and maintain’